About us…

A word form our founder Kesito:

‘Woof, Woof, Woof….’

‘Hello Everyone,

dog coat

May name is Kesito, but you can call my Keso. I am a cockapoo. My birthdate was May 28th 2016. I love to play with my ball but I absolutely love playing with my friends in the park. We play chase and wrestle and it is so much fun. The beach is probably my favourite place apart from the park.

My friends tell me what they like and I tell my friend Nick and he puts it on this website. My friend is very nice because he feeds me nice treats, he scratches my belly really well and lets me climb into his bed and snuggle by his feet on cold mornings.

Nick and I want to help other dog owners know what is good for me and my friends. We want to make sure all my friends live a happy healthy life with lots of ball chasing and belly tickles.

Please check out our articles. My favourites are the one on whats bad for me and the one that tells you how I like to eat!!!

about us

If you are a dog lover and want to help us share our knowledge to all dog owners. Please help my friend Nick and get in touch, we appreciate all the help we can get.

OK, I am off now to beach for a long walk and I sure hope my friends are there so we can play chase.

Woof woof for now,



Here are some of our articles

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