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Dangerous Food for Dogs – Food Dogs Should Avoid!

Many individuals from all walks of life love dogs as pets but many of us just simply do not know what is Dangerous Food for Dogs.

In most instances, people show love and affection to their furry friend through human foods as treats. As long as individuals do not overindulge dogs to obesity, these treats can be fun to both pets and pet owners. However, it is still crucial to realize that dogs are completely different from humans. There are foods that are just fine for us to take but these foods are exactly the types of foods dogs should avoid.

Get to Know Dangerous Food for Dogs that Pet Owners Should not be Feeding Them

Apparently, many dog owners usually feed their dogs with table craps some time or another. While there are foods that are completely safe for the entire family, there are some foods edible to human that are considered toxic to dogs and can make them sick as well. The major reason for this is that humans and dogs have different digestive systems. So though your dogs are craving for human foods, it is vital not to feed them to ensure their safety and protection.

Dangerous Food for Dogs:

The following are dangerous foods dog should avoid:

  • Baby Food

Many dog owners think that giving dogs some baby foods is just fine which is actually not. Though some baby foods are acceptable, you should refrain from giving your dogs baby foods with onion powder.

  • Chewing Gums

Another dangerous food for dogs is chewing gum. Most gums contain sugar known as Xylitol. This may not have serious effects on people but this can result to insulin surge in the case of dogs and can even drop dogs’ blood glucose into dangerous levels. If dogs consume larger amount of chewing gums, this can damage their kidney and liver.

  • Candies and Chocolates

Candies also contain Xylitol, same sugar compound found in chewing gums so as much as possible, keep candies out of your dogs, reach. Chocolates are also toxic for dogs for these contain theobromine and caffeine that can be risky for your dogs. These ingredients found in chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea, panting and can also damage your dogs’ nervous system and heart.

  • Mushrooms

Mushrooms can be tricky for dogs and these are included in the list of dangerous food dogs should avoid. There are particular types of mushrooms that can cause serious stomachache for dogs so avoid giving your pet mushrooms.

These are just few of the many dangerous foods to avoid for your dogs. Of course, also included in the list of foods to avoid are spoiled foods. Rotten foods already contain bacteria and mold that can cause serious damage on the dog’s overall health.

  • Other food and food groups

Pet owners should also refrain from feeding dogs foods like raisins and grapes, raw fish, dairy products, corn, Macadamia nuts, shrimp, popcorn, peanuts and almonds and the list goes on. The safety of your pet lies in your hands so be extra careful when feeding them.