What Dog Food Diet Is The Best? food-bowl-430347_960_720

Just like humans, dogs deserve proper shelter, protection and nutrition. When it comes to giving dogs proper nourishment, individuals have the responsibility of giving dogs the best diet. A nutritious and balanced diet is vital to keep dogs healthy and happy. You need to learn about the most ideal foods to give them at each stage of their life. Aside from proper diet, dogs also need lots of fresh and clean water to stay healthy and happy.




Dog Food Diet Options

  • Raw Food for Dogs raw-food-1276790_960_720

There are actually lots of good things that make sense when you choose raw dog food diet. You may even be surprise to learn that this particular type of dog food diet can help fight unwanted health conditions on dogs. The enzymes found on raw food diet for dogs are actually what transport the essential nutrients into the different organ systems to start repair. This dog food diet is significantly not just food but act as natural medicine for the dog’s system.


wet dog food diet
wet dog food diet
  • Wet and Dry Dog Food Diet

Which is really the best among these two dog diets? Though these contrasting diets are possible options, individuals have to keep in mind that everything still depends on your dog’s particular nutrition and health requirements as well as the pros and the cons of each type of diet.




  • Home Cooked/Natural Diet

Natural diet can be ultimately healthy for your dog. This kind of diet is environmentally friendly and if done rightfully and nutritionally balanced, it can be better for digestive and dental health. But prior to allowing your dog a home cooked diet, there are essential factors that need to be considered such as reasons for choosing such dog food diet, the micronutrients that your dogs need and more. One of the best things about natural diet is that you are actually saving your dogs from eating pet meats which contain toxic sulfur preservatives. Natural diet must include varieties of fruits and vegetables.

  • Combination of Foods animal-949803_960_720

When choosing the best diet for dogs, variety is the key. However, you still need to observe your pet. Some dogs can actually tolerate processed foods while others cannot really tolerate raw diet. In majority of pets, combination of the two will be convenient and can achieve better outcomes. Ideally, dogs need dry quality foods as the base.

  • Pre-packaged foods

All packaged foods that you usually purchase for your pet dog must contain the four essentials and all should be in proper ratios and quantities. Unfortunately, you cannot really assume that all prepackaged foods for dogs provide real balance of these essentials. So if you are planning to opt for this option for your dog’s food, make sure to check labels properly. You should also be mindful on the foods’ nutritional concentration to ensure that the dogs’ nutritional needs are met. Most importantly, the foods should taste good.