Dog Treats and Training Treats

Choosing great dog treats is an essential task for dog owners. Treats are a remarkable way to establish a good rapport with your pet and could be valuable in the training process. The dilemma to look for the right dog treat can be a hard task; there are lots of styles, sizes and brands to choose from. The wellbeing of your dog is an essential factor when making the selection. A good dog treats and training treats must contain nutritional value for your four legged friend. Rover doesn’t need a treat however will always want one. This is like a candy bar for kids. Don’t use treats to supplement a good treat for dog.

dog treats
Dog Treats

When your dog experiences from food allergies from chicken, beef, or egg you have to ensure to watch for those ingredients in the dog treats. You will find hypoallergenic dog treats available out there. A lot of dog treats can control tartar and plaque and give some good dental results. This shouldn’t replace good dental care and brushing.

Choosing a Dog treat
  • Contain consistent high quality ingredients
  • Size relative to your pet
  • Low Calories
  • AAFCO and Veterinarian approved
  • Cost factor
  • Must appeal to your dog

The AAFCO publishes rules for dog treats and training treats. The label will have declaration, “formulated to meet the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profile for Puppies, Mature and Senior”.

Your dog doesn’t want the treat, this is only a snack they don’t need treats for nutritional value. Always choose low calorie dog treats and break into pieces, offering less calories and making them last longer. Ensure to read label for caloric content. When your pet is on a prescription regimen from your vet, treats sometimes should be eliminated. When a canned formulation of the particular food is on hand, you can thin slice, place on cookie sheet and bake at 300 degrees F until they are crispy like a cracker. Your dog could have a crispy treat within the prescription program.

Organic and Natural Dog Treats

Organic and natural healthy dog treats are available in variety of biscuits, chews, crunches, bones as well as moist goodies. There are lots of natural and holistic dog treats to select from. Manufacturer put in beneficial nutrients without by products, fillers and unnecessary chemicals. What is more they are expensive, however a lot of people choose these natural treats due to the amazing benefits.

pile of dog treats
pile of dog treats
Homemade Dog Treats

A number of the best training treats are available at your kitchen. Combing fresh meat, chicken, fish and veggies into a tasty nutritious treat for your dog could be rewarding. There are lots of sites that provide great free homemade dog treat recipe.

A great tip on making some dog treats from home is taking can compressed dog food that comes in the form of spam or meatloaf. Slice it thinly and then place it on a baking tray in a preheated oven at 200c to make dog crisps. Once crispy take them out and let them cool. Save a few in a sealed plastic food bag for later. You dog will love them.


You have to be careful feeding treats to your pet as you can cause him to gain weight. A gain of one to five pounds could cause health issues. It’s easy to as you try to make your pet happy with additional treats utilized for training purposes. Keep up with how many dog treats a day you’re giving your dog. This is another good reason to keep the caloric count for every treat to a minimum.