Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is an skilful art. Its like being a talented barber at the same time as being a kinder garden teacher. When it comes to dog grooming we will show you some simple way to combat those common dog grooming difficulties.

Healthy dog coat
Healthy dog coat

We always recommend that you take you dog to a professional dog groomer every now and then so that they ensure the dog has the hair around those sensitive areas like their eyes and their ears and even around their derrière. There are of course a lot that we, as dog owners, can do at home. We have loads of articles that will show you some tips and ticks when it comes to home grooming.


Are you a Dog Groomer?

If you are a dog groomer we want to hear from you. We are interested to hear from you if you are a service provider for dog specific services in the UK. Are you a dog groomer or a dog trainer, perhaps you have a part time dog walking business. Please get in touch with your contact details and little about the services you provide and let us advertise your services for free.

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