Dog Coat – Keeping Your Dog’s Coat Healthy

If you have a pet dog, you will appreciate that his or her coat (when we say dog coat we mean the dog’s actual coat :-)) is really important. All dog owners should be aware of how to take good care of them and rid or prevent them from developing diseases.  This is somewhat overlooked by many dog owners although this is one area that cannot be ignored.

img_6420The dog coat is amazingly crafted and sensitive yet, strong and durable.  Dogs’ coats provide them extra protection and warmth all throughout the year. There are dogs with all types of coats, too many to discuss here. It is highly imperative to take care of your dog’s style of dog coat in it’s particular way. Dog coats should be cleaned or washed, properly dried and brushed regularly.

Essential Tips to Keep Dogs’ Coat Healthy

Individuals with furry friends will agree that keeping a dog’s coat clean and healthy is a full time job. It can be a struggle just to get them to sit still for you never mind knowing what to do. Just like humans your dog’s coat with grow at different rates and they also malt and shed their dog coats at various rates. It can be somewhat overwhelming knowing what best suits your dogs style, preference, hair type, time of year etc… There are a lot of variables in how to care for them too but there are a few standard rules to bear in mind.

As mentioned, the importance of your dogs coat is vital and often overlooked by owners. Keeping your dog’s coat healthy would require the following main areas to be considered:

  • Healthy Diet
  • Grooming
  • Exercise
  • Medical Checkups
Healthy Diet                                
supplements and raw food for healthy dog coat

Just like humans, dogs also become healthy if they consume healthy foods or follow a healthy diet. This is one of those points I questioned writing but then again some people don’t realise that we are animals too. Owner of these pets play a vital role here. If keeping your dog’s coats healthy is important, you need to feed your pet with foods rich in protein. Keep in mind that if dogs lack essential nutrients, this can result to dull and dry skin and fur.

To keep your dog’s coat healthy, this must be feed with foods rich in Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids. These serve as vital building blocks that keep the dog’s coat lustrous, thick and healthy. These foods also help reduce dandruff, allergy-related skin problems and itching.

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Proper exercise does not just make your pet dogs slim and happy but also keep their dog coat in top condition. Animal experts reveal that exercise can certainly benefit the dogs’ overall health and wellbeing. the health of the dog will of course directly impact on the dog’s coat and how it looks and feels.

If you wish to know more about how much exercise your dog must get or check out some great ways to ensure he/she  gets some exercise even if you are not able or willing to keep up please check out our other articles on training and games to play with you dog.


It is true that you cannot really stop or slow your dog from growing its dog coat or from shedding. You can brush your dog’s coat at least once per week. This is one good way to keep their coat manageable. For slicker look, you can brush your dog’s coat every day. You can also bathe your furry friend with gentle conditioners and shampoos. If your dog got sensitive skin, use oatmeal or hypoallergenic

Fleas and ticks can be a real problem for some dog owners although with a few simple steps and developing good habits they need not be an issue at all. Check out some simple tips here on how to rid and prevent dog fleas and ticks ever becoming a problem.

Medical Checkups

If you noticed that your dog is experiencing consistent itch and uncomfortable more than usual, take your dog to a vet. There is actually no one size fits solution since each and every dog is different but taking the initiative of having your dogs checked is also an effective way of keeping your dog’s coat healthy.

*For further information on different dog related medical conditions please check back soon.

Remember that a healthy coat is a healthy dog and a healthy dog is a happy dog.