Dog neutering – Should You Neuter your Dog?

Is dog neutering ok? And should I neuter my dog? This is an important question a lot of dog owners have in mind. There are lots of advantages and disadvantages to whether you must neuter or spay your dog at all. You must neuter your do, even if there are some cons of doing this due to the fact it will be a shame to have more puppies that cannot find homes. And it is just not reasonable to think that your pet will never ever get out and potentially breed. So, assuming that you are going to neuter or spay your dog, the question is when. Veterinarians used to suggest waiting till your dog has reached prime of life. Now a lot of veterinarians tell you that you could have them fixed at a much earlier age, as early as eight weeks old.

dog neutering

Risks and Health Benefits of Neutering your Dog

There are health advantages and risks related with neutering and spaying your dog. You hear lots about the health advantages from animal rights group and shelters who want to lessen the overpopulation of pets that leads to many animals being put to sleep. Also, there are some risks to the surgery. A number of the risks and benefits are associated to when you have them fixed. Some reduce or increase the chances of specific illnesses. You’ll want to take your dog’s breed into consideration, since a particular breed might be more or less prone to a specific disease.

Behavioural Factors 

dog neutering

Having your four legged friend neutered is generally considered to make him better pets. For male dogs, particularly, when they are spayed before prime of life, there’s decreased possibility of unwanted behaviours like marking territory and aggression. And for females, keeping away from heat is beneficial, particularly when your dog lives indoors.


The cost of dog neutering often depends on many factors like the weight of your pet, since a bigger dog needs more anesthesias. This shows that it is normally less expensive to neuter your dog as soon as they are old enough. In most states, the cost of licensing dog is lower if she or he is sterilized. Therefore the sooner you get it done, the less you will pay for the license.


The whole thing seems to point having the process done as soon as possible, except the health advantages and risk to your dog. These depend on whether it’s a female or male dog and of course its breed. You can get some information online; however some of these details are pretty technical. So, the best and perfect solution is to talk to your veterinary to know what he or she recommends for your dog.

If you decide to wait a while, you have to ensure that your dog does not have the chance to breed in the meantime. Females could get pregnant at approximately six months, once they have their first heat. Male dogs permeate a female once they are as young as four months old.