Dog Training


Dog training, if done properly, can lead to a very happy and fulfilling relationship with your

We feel its important to learn in the right way and so have developed a step by step plan to guide you along the right path.

Perhaps you are new to Dog Training, check out our five foundational steps:

  • Sit
  • Lie down
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Heel

These are the MUST LEARN dog commands that, once mastered, make all the other commands and tricks so much easier to master. the dog naturally learns as the commands and the tasks you are asked the dog to complete.

Dog training is a highly rewarding aspect of owning a dog. Do not wasted the first, and most important, year of owning your dog. Even if the dog was not a pup when you get him or her, the first year is still the most important when it comes to dog training.

Teach your Dog his Emergency Buzz Word today.

Checkout our other articles on more advanced stages of dog training:

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As discussed above, the training we do is all about progressive learning in stages. We will help you and your dog do some amazing things together provided you stick with the steps strictly. Do not skip steps in the dog training guides.

We have lots of articles to come, including:
  • Teaching your dog to play catch,
  • Learning to differentiate between different toys,
  • Playing hide and seek with objects,
  • Playing hide and seek,
  • Tidy up his toys,
  • Playing with other dogs,
  • Fetch his lead
  • and many many more….


**We are interested in hearing from you if you are a Dog Training, actually we are interested to hear from you if you are a service provider for dog specific services in the UK. Are you a dog groomer or a dog trainer, perhaps you have a part time dog walking business. Please get in touch with your contact details and little about the services you provide and let us advertise your services for free.