Dog Training Basics!

Welcome to stage one of Dog Training from where we will teach you dog training basics.

We want to show you the most straightforward, no nonsense approach to training the little guy to understand you and do as you ask.


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All good things start off with a solid foundation and dog training is no different. You must be patient and learn through stages when it comes to dog training. It is impossible to skip to advanced stages of dog training as the dog learns to do things in stages. You cannot simply teach a dog to play dead. Instead, you teach the dog to to sit, to lie down, to rollover and to stay. Then when you put them all together and you teach him to do them all at once and you say play dead, the dog will sit, then lie down, then rollover and stay, hey presto, he just played dead.


Your Five First Puppy Steps

The first five steps are the most important, which are:

  • Training Your Dog To Sit
  • Lie down – check back soon for our ‘Lie’ training!
  • Stay – check back soon for our ‘Stay’ training!
  • Come – check back soon for our ‘Come’ training!
  • Heel – check back soon for our ‘Heel’ training!

These are really important things to master as they show you how your dog learns and you start to develop a bond of understand at this stage.

Once you and your dog have mastered the above steps you are able to move onto the move advanced training like teaching your dog the ‘Emergency Buzz Word!’


Emergency Buzz Word!

Before I move onto the next steps in the training process there is something that I think all dog owners should learn. Once you have mastered the first five commands of Dog Training Basics You can read all about it here but in brief please see below:

The ‘Buzz Word’

  • A ‘buzz word’ gets your dog to drop absolutely everything and come running to you,
  • This ‘buzz word’ could save your dogs life someday,
  • The buzz word can only really be taught once the five dog training basics are mastered,
  • Training for the ‘buzz word’ takes time and a lot of enthusiasm,
  • Once the ‘buzz word’ is mastered and tested you gain great confidence in your dog.

To read more information and how to train your buzz word check out our site soon.