Training Your Dog To Sit


Training your dog to sit is probably the first and most basics steps you must take as a dog owner. From here the foundations of all your future training together will form. It is not just your dog that starts to learn from this point and this is very important to remember.

Remember Dog Training is all about Positive Re-enforcement of Good Behaviour
Start of with ensuring that your dog is calm and attentive. If your dog is too worked up and excited it will be difficult to train them as they will not concentrate on you.

Find a nice clear space with as little distractions around you and your dog. this could be a back yard, a space in the kitchen or living room or even a nice clear patch of grass in your local park.

Take one of your dog’s favourite treats and cut it up into tiny pieces. Keep a few big pieces as special rewards. Keso’s favourite is chicken pieces.

Training your dog to sit may seem simple but its important to watch an learn how your little one learns. if one method doesn’t seem to work don’t be afraid to try other methods.

It is as simple as getting the dogs attention and then, whilst standing in front of the dog, say the word ‘Sit.’ Body language is key, stand in front and above the dog and gesture a treat  toward him. Back him up slightly and move the treat slightly over the dog’s head. Constantly repeat the word Sit and when the dog sits give the treats and love and cuddles.

Its is all about the treats and the love!

When your dog backs up walking then start again. If your dog doesn’t get it straight away give the little one a treat and some love any way to ease the frustration. By no means is it easy to train a dog and it is a long slow progressive ride. It is all about consistent long term re-enforcement of good behaviour.